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Your preschooler needs a rich and diverse variety of learning activities to expand their academic understand.

Our preschool program in Sterling, VA has been structured to offer them an excellent foundation in language, math, and science through our STEAM-focused curriculum. We foster your child’s further development in social and interpersonal skills as we continue to teach through a combination of group and independent learning sessions and activity-based exploration. It is our priority to equip your child with everything they need for success and development for years to come.

At our preschool in Sterling, we supplement your kids academic growth. Our preschool program is designed keeping in mind every aspect of your child’s growth; from their safety, education, to interaction with experienced teachers, we provide a safe and learning environment that helps your child get ready for kindergarten.

Preschool helps giving your kids a head start as they have rudimentary knowledge about colors, shapes, numbers and letters. With our preschool program, you can be sure of overall development of your kids skills. We ensure a right balance between your kids tutorial and playtime. Through our Fun Learning activities, we encourage children to play and move, which helps improve their physical health. We conduct these activities in a way which stimulates problem solving, developing motor as well as fine skills in your kid. The aim is to encourage your kids natural curiosity and develop their creativity in a positive learning environment.

Our preschool program consists of various group activities which help nurture socioemotional skills. The kids learn to compromise, respect, understand, express and manage their emotions thereby learning the importance of relationships and how to maintain a healthy with different people they interact with like a student or a teacher or a helper or any other. At our preschool, kids get used to a healthy schooling notion and become familiar with academic skills required for kindergarten.

Countryside Children’s Academy offers preschool instruction to children in Sterling, VA, Loudoun County, and the surrounding areas. Give your child a successful start in life by enrolling them in our preschool that is the first one in the United States to adopt the innovative Finnish STEAM methodology. Contact us to start the enrollment process!

At Countryside Children’s Academy we believe in quality early education that optimizes learning and growth through effective differentiation and the teaching of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to diversify your child’s skillset, inspire exploration and strengthen critical thinking and learning through specially developed activities and experiences.

We adapt the consistently top-ranked Finnish teaching methods with a fun learning-based approach to create an engaged, innovative and creative classroom environment.

We place high-value on long lasting collaborative relationships with parents to maximize the learning opportunity and take great pride in our open, honest and aspiration-filled culture that is so celebrated at our academy.

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