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Does Preschool Education Really Do Any Good?

Preschool Loudoun County VA

They didn’t have preschool for millennia of human history, and kids did just fine. Does my child really need to go to preschool?

Have you wondered this privately to yourself? Have you thought of preschool merely as one giant time-filler where your child gets cared for and you get a refrigerator door covered in useless crafts that they have created for you?

If this is your perspective of preschool, you should think again. While there may be preschools that are little more than glorified babysitters, a true preschool education gives children a huge boost that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, help to set them on the right track, and stimulate their interest in learning solid, concrete things that they need to know.

Here are some of the ways that our preschool in Sterling really does provide tangible benefits to your young child.

1. It cuts down on screen time

Children today are experiencing an increasing amount of screen time, and it’s understandable. Sitting your children down in front of a movie or handing them an iPad is one of the quickest, most foolproof ways to have instant peace and quiet for a few minutes, allowing you to get valuable things done. However, all that screen time is time that your child is not exploring the real world or interacting with human beings. Preschool takes the burden off of you to be the one to come up with a full educational program to replace screen time for your child.

2. It creates a series of interesting, stimulating activities

Let’s face it. If your child were not in preschool, they would also not be doing what children for millennia of human history did: following you around the campfire barefoot and moving from one interesting task to another: stirring the pot of food you’re making and chasing the young chicken who crossed their path and poking a stick in the dirt. There is true and rapid brain development that happens when childhood takes place almost exclusively outdoors.

However, it’s a safe bet that most children in Virginia today are not being brought up in this way. Instead, they are safely encased indoors, where they walk on floors that are perfectly flat, have limited ability to roam or explore, and no matter how many toys you have, they’re probably familiar with all of them.

Preschool recreates that atmosphere of an endless string of stimulating activities to maintain your child’s attention and then switch their focus just at the right time when their young attention span is waning.

3. It gives your child a head start in academic awareness

Here at Countryside Children’s Academy, we use a proven Finnish educational curriculum that teaches children the skills they need in the vital STEAM categories (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Even preschoolers have the capacity to begin to explore some of these concepts, and the earlier they come to an awareness of these areas, the more likely they are to develop a love for them.

Enroll your child in preschool today at Countryside Children’s Academy.

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