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Kids & Socialization

It was the first day of school for Kate’s twins. As it was time to drop them to their class, her son clung to her while her daughter waved her goodbye, went on to sit with a group of other kids and in no time started talking and giggling with her new friends. Kate didn’t quite understand the opposite nature of her kids. Her daughter was an outgoing person, while her son was quite shy. It is common for kids to behave differently around other people. This can make it difficult for kids to make friends and connect with people, which is why it is important to nurture their social skills.

Socialization is a process of mixing socially with others. Socialization is responsible for beliefs and actions of adults as well as children. It is a life-long process, an individual learns socialization at different stages of his/her life. An individual goes through possibly the following stages of socialization; Primary which is influenced by parents, relatives and close friends. The next is with peers, teachers and people in school. Caroline, a child psychologist from Virginia believes that, ‘While the primary stage lays foundation but does not allow you as a parent to check and correct a kids behaviour towards socializing. The secondary environment however helps you understand the corrections required in primary stage.’

For long educationalists have debated on parents and teachers working towards improving social skills of an individual at an early age. They believe that an individual starts to learn as a kid about his/her culture, creating relationships and building trust from their family but learns how to behave in particular situations and a functioning member of a small group in a large society from their teachers & friends. Jean Piaget through his Theory of Cognitive Development stated that, ‘The type of symbolic play in which children engage is connected with their level of creativity and ability to connect with others.’ No matter how your kid is, it is necessary for them to learn about socializing skills, as it helps them understand how to behave around other people and teaches them about the norms of the society.

At Countryside Children’s Academy, we understand that every kid is different and needs special care. We have different programs designed for meeting the requirements of kids across all age groups. In our toddler care, we focus on establishing trust and building long-lasting relationships between your kid and our teaching and care staff. In our preschool program, we foster you kid’s interpersonal skills as we teach through a combination of group and independent learning sessions and activity-based exploration. As they move through our programs, it will help your kid build his confidence and develop well-rounded social skills. We work with parents by updating them about their kid’s progress, so they can help their child overcome difficulties.

The blog is built with excerpts from Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development and Caroline Reed, a child psychologist.

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