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Kids, Creativity and Future

The world became round when Columbus started a trip from Europe to find India in another direction. The earth started revolving around the sun when Galileo invented the telescope. Creativity has done wonders for mankind, and it will continue to do so. Creativity is a form of self-expression and kids are very curious which helps in boosting their creativity. People are born with imaginative skills, and they are free to explore. If you give a kid some set of lego, you will be thrilled to see how they make different structures by themselves, if you give them colors, they will come running to show you the family portrait they just made! As kids start getting older, career-focused activities replace these activities. This, in turn, hinders their creativity.

Apart from music, arts, or words, creativity is also a part of Science, Technology, and  Engineering. Every child is unique and has different creative and understanding skills. It is said that creativity is intrinsic, and some people are born with innate talents. How true is it? Does this mean if someone is not gifted, they cannot excel? Absolutely not! With the correct motivation and atmosphere, creativity can be nurtured.

Creativity should be embedded in a kid through his early childhood, right from the age of four and constantly nurtured up to the age of 16. Rachel; a kindergarten teacher from Sterling, suggests Rhyme Time, an activity where she says a word out loud and the kid who has the ball, says the rhyming word. This activity helps in improving oral skills and phonemic awareness. Allison a mother of two from Virginia says, creative activities do not just teach kids that art can be everywhere, but also help them to learn skills they will use later in life. One such activity is Pasta Mosaic, where the kids are given colored uncooked pasta and asked to make picture frames. This activity helps improve fine skills, math and motor skills.

At Countryside Children’s Academy, we conduct activities that promote practical learning and creativity. We have implemented Mother Goose Time curriculum, where we receive a box full of art supplies, science tool and math tools like word pointers, puzzles, shapes, building blocks. One of the activities we conduct is; Block play, which improves the hand-eye coordination and also teaches the kids about shapes, sizes and balance. Likewise solving puzzles requires concentration, the kids learn about organizing and identifying different patterns. The kids explore the functions of art while using critical thinking and problem-solving with creativity.

The blog was written with excerpts from an interview with Meenoo Labana who runs Countryside Children’s Academy, Rachel who is a teacher in a kindergarten school from Sterling and Allison a mother of two kids who have completed middle school.

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