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Kids approach to science | Early childhood science

Science is a part of our everyday life. Most early childhood education programs include science and technology in their curriculum. But, can children learn about science at this stage? If yes, which are the concepts that should be taught? There are people who think that children are too young to understand the complexity of science. Is It true? Well, science is everywhere, even if we are walking from one place to another, there are a lot of scientific processes involved. As a kid they have great potential to learn, with some guidance they can learn in challenging environments.

We have come across STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) curriculum as one of the best approaches to interpret science and technology through engineering and arts based on elements of Maths. This approach applies meaningful content to solve real world problems. It equips kids with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in the real world. It incorporates innovation, creativity, and design from the arts and integrates them with observation, inquiry, and problem solving processes. Countryside Children’s Academy in partnership with Fun Academy has brought finnish-based STEAM curriculum to The United States. We are also the first educational facility that is STEAM accredited.

The growth and development of kids are rapid. Children are curious and have questions about different things happening around them and often parents find it difficult to answer these questions. Most of these questions can be answered by science. This is what makes science an essential part of early childhood education. As children grow and discover more things, their curiosity increases and so does their thirst for science. At Countryside Children’s academy, we use the fun approach of learning. We provide a fun, safe and colorful environment to encourage exploration through music, art, and interactive toys. The children get to experience science in an interactive way. We have different programs designed according to the age groups, kids learn science through play and exploration. The kids are introduced to basic science principles like colors, shapes, sounds, animals and it advances through the programs. The kids learn about plants, human body, insects, weights, observations and many more concepts.

Along with academic benefits, the inclusion of science in early childhood education also helps in overall development of the child. It teaches problem-solving skills and fosters their curiosity.  Kids are actively involved with environment through STEAM and learn fundamental concepts like one-to-one correspondence, counting, classifying and measuring. Interactive science activities require inquiry, collecting and organizing data, which helps improve skills like observation, counting, recording, and organizing. It will also help kids to develop decision-making skills.

It is important to make science fun for kids, to keep them interested in the learning process. How can this be achieved? Ongoing and interactive learning concepts plays an important role for teaching science. When kids can touch, see and hear things, ask questions; they can be taught about shapes and colors with the help of blocks, while piling blocks can help them understand problem-solving. They can be introduced to plants; simple activities like pouring water from one vessel to another, helps improve their measuring and counting skills. Scientific experiments that include harmless ingredients can help boost a child’s interest in chemistry. The children can be taught about animals, reptiles and trees at camp. We at Countryside Children’s academy, ensure your kid’s curiosity is channelized into learning through; summer camp with different themes, school activities with different concepts and play plan that encourages them to explore and foster their creativity.

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