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Just playing?

When kids engage in activities, parents tend to think their kids are ‘just playing’. However, this is far from the truth; play is as essential for development as learning is. While you think, kids are just having fun, they are actually developing their skills including fine and gross motor skills, social and communication skills, cognitive skills and most importantly their physical skills. Playing will also help strengthen the bond between parents and kids.

Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) creates a specific right for all children to have rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to their age and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts. Children need the freedom to play. Learning through play includes different activities:

  • Free play: Where the play is child-led.
  • Guided play: Where the play is child-led and supported by an adult,
  • Games: Where the constraints and rules are already defined and supported by an adult.
  • Direct instructions: Where the play is directed, led and supported by an adult.

The early years of a kid; from birth to six years, set the basis for learning, health, and behavior throughout their life. When kids engage in activities, they learn problem-solving, how to talk to others, tackle obstacles and language skills. With a proper approach, play can help tap into kids capabilities and interests. Young children explore the environment around them by learning-based play.

With the continuous pressure of academics, playtime for children has reduced considerably. There is less time allotted for play and physical activities in order to make time for reading and mathematics. Only a few families have adult supervision available for kids during the day, which is why it is necessary for kids to be at a childcare center or somewhere they can be monitored by adults throughout the day. Organized school activities and academic opportunities offer valuable alternatives to children. 

At Countryside Children’s Academy, we provide an environment for your kid which is both fun and stimulating. We have combined Finnish educational philosophy with Fun Learning to create an essential early childhood program. This approach guides children to be curious and explore their world with positive and constructive attitudes. It also promotes overall well-being: rest, play, and work exist in tandem. We encourage children to play and move, which helps improve their physical health. 

Whenever you get a chance to play with your kids, take it and share the joy of discovery as you explore with them. Giving your child plenty of opportunities to play can help them grow into curious, creative, healthy, and happy adults equipped with the skills they need today. Your kids are not ‘just playing’, they are playing for keeps. 

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