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Healthy Eating Habits

Kids are fussy eaters, well most of them. They will complain about all the stuff on their plate, which can get annoying at times. Kids prefer greasy fast food over healthy food, which is the root cause of many problems like obesity. Parents normally give in to their demands, to keep their kids from starving or force feed them, some might even bribe their kids to get them to eat. Cultivating such habits will harm them in the long run. A healthy diet is necessary to ensure your kids get all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for their growth, which is why it is important to instil healthy eating habits. Here are a few things you can practice:

  • Set up a schedule for meals: Set up a plan for meals and snacks; the break between two meals should not be too long or too short. If the break is too long, add snacktime between them. Make sure you have at least one family meal once a day, try to make it as pleasant and positive as possible. When your kids body is used to hunger, it is easy to manage their appetite and hunger.
  • Find food that your kid likes: It’s perfectly normal for kids to have just one favorite vegetable or like only certain type of meat or a few fruits, try to include them in their meals. Kids are more likely to eat when they find something they like on the plate. It may take a while for kids to start liking something new, so keep introducing them to new foods before they start accepting it.
  • Healthy snacking: Snacks can help avoid hunger pangs, but it is necessary to manage snack time and keep it in moderation to avoid fullness before meals. Snacks do not have to be unhealthy; fruits, salads, whole grain crackers, yogurt, juices are some healthy snack options.
  • Be a role model: Kids do what they see. You need to establish your own healthy habits to set an example for your kids. Try not to complain about your body in front of kids. Eat fruits and vegetables, do not overindulge in junk food. Your kids will observe you and develop habits. Just like home, make sure your kid is eating well outside too.

At Countryside Children’s Academy, we provide every child in our toddler care with a healthy diet full of nutrients. Our menu offers a variety of food stuffs, packed with different colors and textures. We make sure that we serve meals that are not only healthy and tasty, but also look and feel good. We cater to all dietary requirements of kids and provide the highest quality of food that makes your child happy and helps in his growth.

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