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Benefits of Early Childhood Education That Are Harder To Deliver At Home

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If you are the parent of a young child, you probably want the best for that child, and you are undoubtedly committed to giving your little one the biggest boost you can to help them achieve their maximum success in life. But how do you give that to your child, and what techniques are proven to be effective at nurturing their development? Here at Countryside Children’s Academy, we are committed to giving each one of our kids a thirst for lifelong learning.

It’s hard to overstate the massive role that you as the parent play in your young child’s upbringing. Almost everything that they learn in their earliest years, they learn from you. This is both a scary and a thrilling responsibility. You have this tiny, moldable human being who soaks up everything around them like a sponge.

But what if you don’t know what things to teach them?

And what if you could have made their little sponges soak up even more than you would have ever imagined?

Here are a few of the benefits that our daycare in Sterling, VA has observed that are harder for parents to impart to their kids at home.

A Robust Introduction To The Subject Matter They’ll Encounter in School

If you have a child who lands in kindergarten and all the subject matter that they encounter is brand new, they will feel disoriented, lost, and confused. This state of mind is uncomfortable at any age and can cause a child to fall behind right off the bat, leading to further feelings of rejection, being dumb, or “not getting it.”

If you’re thinking, “Seriously? Fall behind in kindergarten? Is that even possible?” think again. We have seen the inside of kindergarten classrooms and observed the children who struggled to keep up with the class, not because they were dumb, but because they simply hadn’t been introduced to the concepts before. It’s demoralizing to a child to see everyone else sailing through their assignments. They’ll wonder why it isn’t so easy for them, and the feelings of discouragement can quickly lead to giving up. This is the furthest thing from what you want!

Here at Countryside Children’s Academy, we don’t just introduce your young child to basics like colors, counting, and the alphabet. We are the first daycare in the US to implement an innovative Finnish methodology to give your kids a great foundation in the following areas:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Mathematics

When your child gets proven, effective instruction in all those subject areas starting in day care, they’ll have a head start that will benefit them throughout life. Plus, our highly-trained instructors are good at making sure that they nurture the love of learning in kids, not just rote memorization or mindless completion of tasks.

A Firm Foundation and Context for Developing Social Skills

Once your child has reached the age of two or three, you will have started to observe that social skills do not necessarily come naturally. And while play dates and informal meetings with friends can go a long way towards helping your child to develop the social skills that they’ll need throughout life, there’s even more that you can do for them when you give them the exposure to the types of social interactions that will do them good for the rest of their lives.

At Countryside Children’s Academy, we don’t leave it to chance whether or not your child will develop social skills. There’s more to fostering positive social adjustment than just getting children together in a room. (Without guidance, that can be more of a recipe for anarchy!) Our classroom professionals place a high priority on giving children kind and loving guidance that promotes cooperation, teamwork, respect, and exposure to diversity. You’ll quickly notice the difference when your child has attended our day care for a short time.

A Structure That Permits Kids to Thrive

Are you a parent who struggles to provide structure? Do your kids seem to always find a way to get their way, and do you feel like you’re always trying to tame a chaotic environment? If this describes you, then your child could benefit tremendously from the structure and order that they’ll find in our day care environment.

Over and over, we have found that children who don’t have a lot of structure at home are only looking for the boundaries. They won’t feel completely safe or happy until they’ve found where the boundaries are and discovered which ones are non-negotiable and immovable. Structured boundaries that don’t move provide young children with a feeling of security, and this gives them the stability that they need in order to absorb the material that they’re learning.

If you are looking for an early childhood education center that will keep your child’s best interests at heart, try Countryside Children’s Academy in Sterling, VA. Schedule your classroom tour today.

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