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Early Childhood Education

early childhood education

With the changing education systems, Early Childhood Education is gaining more popularity. It has proven to be a blessing for working parents. While some people argue that children should be at home and learn at their own pace, some others think it is better to give a head start to kids for elementary education. So, what really is Early Childhood Education? How does it help kids and why is it gaining popularity?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) defines “early childhood” as occurring before the age of eight. This is a period of rapid growth and development. At this age children’s minds are wired to learn from their senses, like smell, sight and touch. Some might argue that these sensory learning are better handled at home, at the same time it is also essential that it is channelized in the right direction. While speaking to Jessica, who is a mother of two from Fairfax feels that her younger one is responding better to concepts and wishes if she had enrolled her elder kid in an early childhood programme. Contrary to this belief; Amanda, a single parent from Williamsburg has been homeschooling her kid and intends to continue doing that till elementary.

We often come across instances where Early Childhood Education has helped build the foundation for social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills. The World Bank Group which is an institution of 5 organizations and focussing on education through International Development Association in their last concluded analysis considered that children who join Early Childhood Education are more likely to be employable in highly-skilled jobs. Early Childhood Education promotes learning through play, which helps to develop a child’s critical skills. Children like learning if it involves fun and exciting activities. While the goal of starting early is to ensure that a kid has a head-start to his / her learning cycle, the immediate goal of preparing kids for kindergarten by teaching them essential pre-reading and pre-writing skills are also covered in Early Childhood Education.

Though Early Childhood Education has its benefits, it does not follow a standard curriculum, different approaches and philosophies are used by different centers. In absence of a standard curriculum, the objectives can be achieved if practiced and monitored over years. Some approach may lack early stimulation and do not help children reach their full potential, making it important for your kid to be part of an institution with experience in Early Childhood Education.

We at Countryside Children’s Academy, have endorsed the Finnish philosophy which has been proven beneficial after decades of research and content development. We also co-educate kids on the American curriculum providing them the best of both worlds. We practice the teaching of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to diversify your child’s skill set, inspire exploration and strengthen critical thinking and learning through specially developed activities and experiences. Misty Bright feels that facility is clean and safe for kids. She also tells us that her nephews cannot stop talking about the new things they have learned and the games they played at the center.

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