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27 phrases that will build your kid’s confidence

In an era where Preschool is the new first grade, kids are being expected to build academic skills from a very early age. With healthy self-esteem, your child will flourish. Without confidence, all the intellectual skills in the world are of little value and can’t be put to use. This is why, as parents, we should prioritize building healthy self-esteem and confidence first and foremost.

To do so, we can choose words that will invoke confidence. Here are 27 phrases that you can use to boost confidence and self-esteem in your kids:

Do you know what grit means?”

Kids love learning new words. Teach them about grit, determination, resilience and perseverance to help them reach towards these goals.

I know you’ve got this.”

Though you know that they have the skills and means necessary, your token of confidence will give them that extra boost they need to succeed.

How did you challenge yourself today?”

Start the conversation about growing, changing and taking risks. With each challenge and accomplishment, the sense of self-esteem will grow.

You are capable.”

As parents, our words become the default language in the minds of our kids.

If you believe that your kids are capable of so much, make them believe it, too. Your tone and language should communicate confidence. Telling them that they’re capable will reinforce their confidence.

You can do hard things.”

This direct phrase will tell them exactly what they need to hear—acknowledgment that though this is hard work, they can do it.

Regardless of what happens, I love you.”

Your kid needs to hear words that communicate unconditional love & concern. That means providing reassurance of your love—regardless of the circumstance.

That was brave.”

Sometimes, you need to express your thoughts out loud. That means, you need to make your child aware that you’re noticing them being brave. When we notice our kids being brave, they start noticing too.

I believe in you.”

As a parent, you need to have faith in your kid’s capability. When you openly communicate that faith in them, it will reinforce it within themselves.

How can I help?”

When they get really stuck between something, don’t be hesitate to offer your support. Let them know that their helping hand is on the table.

Let’s try it together.”

Sometimes we all need is a helping hand. Make sure they know that you will be that hand when they need it.

Give your best.”

We will never win it all, do it all, or be it all. But we can give it our best. Let’s teach our kids this lesson.

How did you do that?”

Ask questions. When you see them do something different, ask, “How did you manage doing that? Can you do it again?”

I know it’s not easy, but I know I’ve seen you do it before.”

It can seem overwhelming, but let’s give them proof of when they have been successful before. This will imbibe & instill the confidence that they can do it again.

That sounds great, tell me more!”

Take it a step further than just noticing their efforts. Take interest in what they say & ask them to elaborate. Then hear the pride in their voice when they speak.

Let’s try doing this again.”

Encourage your kid to take another attempt while trying to do something. This will help them with their patience & consistency.

You make me proud.”

Straight to the point—you can never tell your child this enough.

Want to hear a story?”

Share stories with your kids. Tell them about times when you overcame hurdles & met your goals.

You want to try something crazy?”

Challenge your children with things they think are beyond their reach (even if it sounds a little crazy). They might end up surprising you and themselves.

Sometimes trying new things may seem scary, but they can be exciting.”

Young children tend to incline towards people and environments that are known to them. But if we emphasize on how exciting and joyful the new experiences can be, we can encourage their confidence to step out of their comfort zone.

I like this, what do you think?”

Children always liked being asked their opinion. Ask your kid whenever you’re buying something with them if they like it. This will make them feel that their call matters & reinforce their family bond.

What would happen if…”

Try to evoke curiosity and a new way of seeing things by talking about the possibilities.

I know you did your best there and I am proud of that effort.”

When we see them work hard and put efforts, we can recognize this & appreciate them. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination.

It looks like you are curious about this, let’s take a deeper look.”

We should encourage curiosity and exploration in children of all ages. As a result, they will be more intrigued to seek out new information and experiences with confidence.

Sometimes we make mistakes, and that is how we learn.”

Start conversations about growing, changing and taking risks. With each challenge and success, the sense of self-esteem will grow.

Repeat after me, ‘I can do it.'”

Positive affirmations work wonders—they can rewire the brain. If we teach our children to use positive affirmations from a tender age, they will reap the benefits as they grow.                                                                 

Even if we get frustrated, we still love each other.”

Feelings like anger, frustration, and hopelessness are all commonly observed human emotions. And despite these feelings, we will stand by the side of our children with unconditional love.

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