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10 Hacks to Keep Your Child Disciplined

For many mothers, imbibing effective discipline in kids is one of the toughest and most frustrating tasks of parenting. But having a toddler is like having a piece of clay, mouldable, sculptable. Here are our top picks on how to mould your kid into a disciplined one.

1. Pick Your Sides

Repeatedly denying for everything can confuse your kid, not letting him understand your priorities and fix a stigma. Set your priorities, define what’s important and let the “who cares” things done by your kid be.

2. Know Your Kid’s Trigger Points

Though mischief is inevitable, some misbehavior is avoidable as long as you can foresee what can spark it, so you create a game plan in advance. If your preschooler likes to draw on the walls, hide the crayons in an out-of-reach corner and don’t let him color without supervision.

3. Keep It Short and Simple

Over-talking is just as ineffective as becoming overly emotional to your kid. Make use of short, simple phrases while talking to your kid, helping him in phrases & sentences.

4. Stay Consistent

Between the ages of 2 and 3, children are working hard to interpret how their behavior affects the people around them. Decide what kind of behavior is acceptable & which one isn’t. Convey it to them in such a way that they also understand why that particular behavior is bad.

5. Set a Time-Out

Before you impose a time-out, put a serious look to your face and warn in a stern tone of voice. If they don’t listen, take them to the quiet & safe spot you’ve designated for time-outs, and consider putting them in time-out for a minute per year of age.

6. Don’t Get Emotional

When a kid is flooded with a parent’s negative mood, he’ll see the emotion and won’t hear what you’re saying. Children might not do what you ask them to, but they’d never fail to imitate your actions.

7. Focus on the behavior, not your kid

Always focus on saying that a particular behavior is bad. Never tell your kid that he is bad. You want him to know that you love him, but you don’t love the way he’s acting right now.

8. Give them options

This will make them feel as if they’ve got a vote which counts. Just make sure that you don’t offer too many options and that they’re all the things that you want them to do, such as, “It’s your choice: You can put your coat on first, or your shoes.”

9. Stay Positive

Regardless of how frustrated you are about your kid’s misbehavior, don’t vent about it in front of them. They won’t have a good image of you as their guardians, and they’ll end up repeating the behavior when they’d hear you speak about them in a hopeless or negative way.

10. Catch your kid being good

If you appreciate or reward your kid when he behaves well, he’ll do it more often, hence he’ll be less likely to behave badly just to get your attention. Positive reinforcement acts as a fertilizer for that superego.

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